Address: 50730 Gratiot Ave, Chesterfield, MI
                                           Phone: 586-421-9874
                                             Fax: 586-421-9611

GET DELIVERY THROUGH DOORDASH: https://www.doordash.com/store/wuri-sushi-new-baltimore-400334/

Disclaimer: Doordash is a great service to use, however to note: We have NOT officially partnered with this website. They simply put our menu on their website WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION! We've spoken with doordash representatives, and although we are concerned, we know that customers in Chesterfield had always wanted a delivery service, and we hope that you all can safely utilize this service. Nevertheless, we would also advise that because we are not partnered with doordash, it would be better to call us directly! If you want to deliver, ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any wrong orders made through doordash, nor are we responsible if you've made an order through this platform while paying, but never receiving your order. If any of these things happen to you, PLEASE DO CALL AND LET US KNOW! Technology may be improving, but we want to ensure that you all are receiving the best service possible! We are, after all, very protective of our customers, and if anybody is being mistreated through a different system which in no way represents our business, we would like to know immediately! We want to try out this service and see how it's like, but if we see problems, we will unlist immediately!
Anyway, please call us and let us know if you've ever had problems with this website!